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Lil Chrzan


Lil Chrzan is a Canadian Landscape Painter known for her masterful depictions of Golden Light across luminous West Coast scenes. Viewers invited intro her World experience a sense of calm transcendence when taking in the dramatic light-filled paintings.

Chrzan’s paintings are not intended to be direct representations of Nature, but rather a process of extracting the most essential elements in a scene. Her careful brushwork and critical awareness of humanity in relation to nature sets the scene for her own signature style and vision. These works hum with intensity while offering the viewer contemplative calmness.

Lil Chrzan is an honours graduate of the Emily Carr College of Art and Design in Vancouver, BC. She has also studied at the Seattle Realism Academy in Washington State. Lil has participated in over seventeen solo shows as well as over ninety exhibitions in B.C including Splash, Harmony Arts, Daffodil Fundraiser and Forest: Breath of Life. Her work resides in permanent collections of Vancouver General Hospital, St. Paul’s, Lion’s Gate, St. Mary’s Hospitals as well as in the collection of Hamilton Fabbro Law firm and Pettit & Company Law firm.

Lil has recently published a coffee-table style book called “TOWARDS LIGHT” which features more than eight-five landscape paintings of BC.

Lil has lived and painted in the seaside village of Horseshoe Bay since 1991. She lives there with her partner Leslie and their two Labrador Retrievers.