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Helen Weiser


I am a potter living in Horseshoe Bay as well as an instructor, assistant studio manager and technician at Gleneagles Community Centre.

My interests lie in both functional and sculptural pieces, wheel thrown or hand-built so I alternate between practical and whimsical with the aim of finding something new. Surface decoration and various firing techniques are a big part of this. I am also fortunate to be able to fire some of my smaller work in HSBAW co-founder Jackie Frioud’s salt kiln. My other work is either fired in oxidation or in smoke/pit firings. The ceramic world is full of amazing people who happily share thoughts, ideas, ways of making and I am very happy to be part of this dynamic community.

Past exhibits have included WV Harmony Arts, NVAC Art In The Garden, Miniatures Show at Place des Artes, WV Ferry Building and the Silk Purse.