Annette Jamieson



I have always been driven to design and create things that bring pleasure and beauty to our lives. My creative journey has brought me to designing and making wearable art that is as unique as the wearer. Jewellery, like any art helps to enhance life, hence my name and logo “La Vida”, meaning “the life”. My greatest pleasure is to make custom pieces for individuals which reflect their personality and hold special meaning for them.

Being fortunate enough to live in beautiful Horseshoe Bay inspiration is all around me and, as a result, nature features strongly in my pieces. I like to work intuitively, not thinking too much about what I am going to create, just letting my heart and hands do the work. I like to use a variety of materials such as sterling silver, fine silver, mixed metals, enamel, sea glass and whatever exciting materials that find their way into my studio. Creativity has no boundaries!