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2022 HSBAW Participant Survey

Please complete and submit this short survey.

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    1. How many people do you estimate visited your location?
    (If at a location with multiple artists, please estimate total number of visitors to the entire location.)

    2. What were the busiest hours of the day for you?

    3. This year the Art Walk ran from 11am to 4pm on Sunday, May 15th.
    Did this date and time work for you?
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    4. How did your visitors hear about the Horseshoe Bay Art Walk?

    5. What percentage of visitors do you estimate were return visitors from previous years?

    6. If the Art Walk goes ahead in 2023, do you plan on participating?

    7. If the Art Walk goes ahead in 2022, would you be interested in helping to organize?

    8. Do you have any suggestions as to how we can improve the Horseshoe Bay Art Walk in future years?

    9. Are there any other questions we didn’t ask that you would like to provide feedback about?